How to Fight Tarnish

Before your silver items get dull, a regular cleaning and polishing procedure with mild soap and lukewarm water should be carried out periodically. If you avoid doing that, you may end up having to go for a costly trip to the restoration store that you could have easily avoided.

To fight discoloration and dullness, dip a piece of cloth into lukewarm water mixed with mild soap. Use the piece of cloth to rub the silver object gently. If you are facing a more severe tarnish to remove, instead of mild soap you could use baking soda. Pouring about three pockets of baking soda into a bowl of lukewarm water should do the trick.

It’s important to notice that when you are cleaning or polishing a silver item, you cannot rub it with anything other than a soft piece of cloth. Using a piece of paper or any other material that is not soft has the potential to irreparably scratch your valuable item.

How to Restore Brightness to Gemstones and Gold

Restoring brightness to either a gemstone or a piece of metallic gold is a relatively easy process. Dirt, soaps, and lotions that you use in your daily life affect the look and the structure of gems and gold jewelry.

To restore the shape of your golden jewelry, bring a bowl of fresh, preferably sodium-free, water, boil it, to make sure it is clean, then wait for it to simmer down to room temperature again. After it is back to room temperature, pour few drops of mild soap in it and soak your golden items for a while. Use a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt if the water and the mild soap didn’t do a full job.

Afterwards, use a soft piece of cloth to dry your golden jewelry. If you are trying to clean and polish a stone, you are going to have to use an entirely different procedure. In this case, you will need to rinse the soft piece of cloth into the water and gently rub the stone on the outside. Dipping the entire piece of jewelry into water could see the gemstone getting detached from its base, especially if it is glued.

If you are handling pearls, a similar technique like the one mentioned above could be used, but instead of mild soap, you will need to use shampoo, and you will need to replace the toothbrush with a soft makeup brush. If will need to mix the shampoo with the water, leave them for a while then soak the makeup brush in the mixture and gently brush the dirt off the pearl. By carrying out simple steps every day like removing your jewelry before washing your face or taking a shower, you will make polishing and clean easier next time.

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