Knowing the value of your watch is important. You may want to buy a new one, resell your existing one, hand it down as a gift, or just simply are curious how much it is worth. There are some techniques you can use to judge how much a watch is worth before you make an investment. Learn these simple steps to get the best watch for your money.


Buying a used luxury watch is the best way to get a good deal. However, the value suffers greatly if the watch is in less than ideal condition. Scratches are unfortunately somewhat common even in the most high-end models, particularly on the bracelet. If buying a watch online, make sure you have photographs of every area that is scratched as each spot brings down the value. Luckily, most watches can be polished or repaired by a certified technician.


The construction of the watch is paramount to its value. Gold, platinum, and gold alloys like white gold and rose gold are some of the best materials for watch casing. Titanium, silver, bronze, and even steel can be seen in some watches, but they are inherently less valuable. The face of the watch should be considered as well. A watch with a face made from rare materials will be worth more than a standard face. Watches that are encrusted with fine jewels will be more valuable. The same can be said for those that have hands made from rare metals.


Where the watch is made sometimes determines its quality. For instance, Swiss-made watches are known throughout the world as having the best craftsmanship. This is because Swiss watchmakers are at the forefront of technology. They also tend to be made with the best materials. They function for generations rather than a few years. This is shown by the fact that many luxury brands are headquartered in Switzerland.

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