Gold and silver coins are great collector’s items. The beautiful designs and precious metal content create intrinsic value that stands the test of time. But sometimes you want to obtain coins so that they can be resold. Read on to learn more about collectable coins.

Coin Types

There are a variety of different coin types, including numismatics, bullion and commemorative. The coins in your purse or wallet are numismatics. They are defined as the “collection of coins, paper currency and medals” or the “legal tender” or money that was in general circulation.

Bullion coins usually have a higher gold or silver content than numismatics. Precious metals tend to be softer requiring additional metals to be added to give them the hardness required for coinage. Commemorative coins might celebrate celebrities, sports achievements or historical events.

Unbiased Coin News

While buying or selling coins, it is nice to keep apprised of the latest developments in the market. The best online auction site will be run by numismatic professionals who understand scarcity, precious metals, coin history and supply & demand.

Where to Obtain Online

A good online or auction site that sells coins should have easy-to-use features for displaying the products. The coins should be well-displayed with short descriptions for each. The website is uncluttered, well-organized and easy-to-navigate.

Ready To Collect?

When you are ready to make a bid, visit U.S. Auction Online. Or you can register to view winning bids to get an idea of the value of items that you already possess. US Auction Online has easy-to-use features and free registration.