An expensive luxury timepiece, such as a Rolex watch, requires regular care and cleaning, as there are many areas on the watch where grease, dirt, and oils can collect. Some of the more common areas are between the bracelet links, the area joining the case and the ring located on the top side of the watch – known as the bezel.

Over time and after repeated wearing, a Rolex watch will require a thorough cleaning. The cleaning process is easy and should be done regularly since it will help you spot potential maintenance issues. Spending a few minutes each month going through the following steps will keep your watch in great working order for many years.

Seal the Case

Some Rolexes are waterproof or resistant to some water exposure. While that makes them safe to wear in the shower, a proper cleaning may force some water into tiny gaps in the casing.  Whatever the model, sealing the case is the first step to cleaning. To get a good seal, twist the crown down as far as it will go. This closes the gap under the post and will keep water out.


Start the cleaning with a gentle pre-wash. Run warm water over the face and band, gently rubbing away bits of dirt and oil with a finger or small brush. This takes care of the easiest to clean grime and leaves only the easy to spot trouble areas that need more detailed cleaning.

Cleaning Solution

Avoid exposing a Rolex watch to harsh cleansers. Caustic chemicals can fog the crystal or etch the casing. Instead, drop a dime-sized amount of regular dish soap into a saucer of warm water, and stir until it’s thoroughly mixed but before it forms a froth.


Dip a soft-bristled toothbrush into the water and soap solution, and gently scrub the watch all over. Go hard enough on the band to dig between the links and clear away oil and grit that may have accumulated there, but go easy on the casing and the crystal. Avoid scuffs and scratching at all costs.


Once the watch is clean, dry it off by patting it all over with a dry cotton cloth. Be careful to get all of the water out of traps between the links, and set the now-gleaming timepiece on a soft, absorbent surface to finish drying.

Washing a Rolex Watch can be a little nerve-wracking, as the principal concern is to always prevent damage and keep the timepiece in good working order. However, by following these steps you will ensure a clean timepiece without the risk scratching it or contaminating the bezel.

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