Auctions are great places to get valuables and collectables. But once you win a bid, how do know the value of the items that you have received? So, how do you go about getting your items professionally appraised and officially documented?

Local Appraisers

If you do a search in Google in your local area, you’ll find plenty of professional appraisers operating brick and mortar shops within quick driving distance of your home. More often than not, these are housed in estate sale businesses and antique shops. It is important to make sure your appraiser is professionally certified and experienced enough to produce accurate and honest results. Even with these requirements met, however, it’s possible you could run into situations where an appraiser will purposefully undervalue your item in an attempt to purchase it him/herself at an artificially low price. Take the time to research reviews, ratings, and testimonials.

Online Appraisers

More and more online appraisal services are popping up all over the internet. Generally, you will ship your item via certified, insured mail to the appraiser, and they will return your item with their appraisal and official documentation. Be careful when choosing an online appraiser and be sure to check references and testimonials. Look for an official Appraisers Association of America certification, and verify membership with the association itself. If you undertake due diligence, your online appraisal process will go smoothly. The goal, of course, is to prove that your item is authentic and assign an appropriate value to the item for selling purposes. Appraisal services cost money, so it is important to do enough of your own research to determine if the appraisal process will be worth the cost.

Ready to make a bid?

In order to appraise something, you need to first win the bid at an online auction. When you are ready, visit U.S. Auction Online. Or you can register to view winning bids to get an idea of the value of items that you already possess.